A new voice for students

It is no secret that campuses across the nation lack ideological diversity. Among faculty, liberals outnumber conservatives by 12 to 1. Among students at our nation’s educational institutions, nearly a quarter “believe it is okay to silence or suppress some widely held views that they deem wrong.” Further, “[s]tudents harbor divisive stereotypes about classmates with different beliefs, and a substantial minority are not open to engaging socially with classmates who don’t share their views.”

Following the eruption of racial division emerging after the tragic extrajudicial murder of George Floyd at the hand of Minneapolis PD, social media drove the wedge between conservative and liberal students further. The overwhelming agreement was that police needed proper oversight and that we needed to effectuate change to live up to America’s founding values. Unfortunately, the trenches were dug by agitators and radicals, and many took the bait.

Upper middle class white women, the direct beneficiaries of the same privilege which they are decrying, added “BLM” (Black Lives Matter) and “ACAB” (All Cops Are Bastards) to their social media biographies. Their activism went as far as their Twitter feed could take them. Maybe they gave a few bucks, of course from their father’s trust fund, to shady organizations which give more to their “organizers” than the cause they claim to support.

Peers and colleagues of mine have openly moved from posting pro-Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders content to outright endorsements of Marxism, rioting, and cop killing. This shift has been worrying, but it has also pushed a couple of us to take action.

Today, I announce the founding of The Western Tribune, an outlet for independent student journalism which promotes the dissemination of the oft unheard voices of our generation.

I am proud to launch this project with my friend and colleague, Clay Robinson, and look forward to its development.

Published by Joe Pitts

Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of The Western Tribune, Joe is a first-generation Arizonan attending Arizona State University's Barrett, the Honors College.

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