Sen. Nancy Barto: Read the Bill! Meeting Pro-Abortion Lies about SB1457 with Facts

Imagine opposing a bill that stops a preborn child from being singled out for abortion simply because he or she has (or may have) a disability? 

Imagine voting against a bill that stops abortion clinics from giving vulnerable women abortions-by-mail? 

How do you spin that? Deception, misdirection, and outright fabrication, that’s how. 

Pro-abortion activists – which is unfortunately all Democrats in the Arizona legislature and most of the media – have thrown out some of the following distortions on SB1457, the pro-life bill recently passed along party lines and signed by Governor Doug Ducey. 

I’d like to address these distortions and outright lies one by one. What I’d really like to say is “read the bill.” But since the media doesn’t like to be troubled with facts and research, I’ll lay it out for them:

Lie #1: Women will be penalized for having an abortion, including being penalized for self-administering the chemical abortion pills.

This one should be dispelled by a simple reading of SB1457, which expressly forbids the state from prosecuting the woman. The bill reads as follows (emphasis added): “A woman on whom a sex-selection or race-selection abortion OR AN ABORTION BECAUSE OF A CHILD’S GENETIC ABNORMALITY is performed is not subject to criminal prosecution or civil liability for any violation of this section or for a conspiracy to violate this section.” 

Not only does the bill not criminalize women – it actively overturns existing law that would criminalize women for abortion in the event that Roe v. Wade is overturned. 

What opponents of this pill should be concerned about is the increased danger to women who take the abortion pill (which already has well-documented and significant risks) without the oversight of a doctor. But I have heard none of those concerns from this supposedly “pro-woman” crowd. Instead, they focus on fake arguments about women being dragged into jail!

Lie #2: Women will be penalized for miscarriage

I don’t know where they get this one (but I don’t think they actually mind completely fabricating arguments). Abortion is not a miscarriage. SB 1457 uses the definition of abortion as found in Arizona law today. That definition clearly does not cover a miscarriage. A miscarriage is not the “use of any means with the intent to terminate a woman’s pregnancy.” Further, the definition explicitly states that  “abortion does not include…the use of any means to…terminate an ectopic pregnancy or to remove a dead fetus.” Simple enough. No penalties for miscarriage. 

Lie #3: This bill penalizes In Vitro Fertilization 

Wrong again! The truth is the bill will not end In Vitro Fertilization, a fact which amendments clarified – “this section does not create a cause of action against: A person who performs in vitro fertilization procedures as authorized under the laws of this state.”

These arguments from the pro-abortion lobby are baffling. The pro-life movement is centered on the value of human life – and that includes care for the pregnant woman. The holistic pro-woman orientation of the pro-life movement to “Love them Both” before and after birth is abundantly clear. It’s in the DNA of being pro-life. 

SB1457 is a bill that protects both mother and child – preborn children with disabilities from discrimination before they even have a chance at life, and vulnerable women from being taken advantage of by a greedy abortion industry that loves to profit off them at the risk of their health and safety. Any insinuation to the contrary simply has no basis in fact. 

The contrast been the abortion industry and the loving and free services provided by Pregnancy Resource Centers is stark. 

Denmark and Iceland (among other countries) abort nearly all of their preborn babies who receive a Down syndrome diagnosis before birth – famously claiming they had eradicated the disease. It is government-sanctioned discrimination against people with disabilities. In the U.S., the number is 67%. This, despite the fact most people with Down syndrome learn to read and write, they go to school, hold jobs, and bring joy and love to their families.

I am proud to have sponsored a bill that gives dignity to the unborn, protects taxpayers from supporting abortions through public institutions and makes our state an even safer place for the most vulnerable among us. That is the true benchmark of a great state.

Nancy Barto is a State Senator representing Arizona’s 15th Legislative District.

The opinions held within this editorial are not necessarily the views held by the Western Tribune, its members, its Editorial Board, or its founders. We are dedicated to free and open dialogue on issues facing Arizonans.

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