State Rep. Shawnna Bolick to run for Secretary of State

Arizona State Representative Shawnna Bolick is preparing to announce her run for Secretary of State, sources close to her campaign say. Bolick is a second-term state representative serving Legislative District 20, which is situated in the center of Maricopa County.

Bolick gained national attention for H.B.2720, which she introduced at the beginning of this legislative session. The bill would allow the state Legislature to override the Secretary of State’s certification of Presidential electors any time prior to the inauguration of a President, provided that the Legislature can achieve a simple majority vote in both Houses. While opponents of the bill argued that it was a veiled form of voter suppression, Bolick and others contended that the bill simply clarified the extent of the Legislature’s designated constitutional authority.

Record and accomplishments

While Bolick has yet to roll out her official campaign website for Secretary of State, she does have a thorough policy platform as a State Representative.

Her main issues include education, the economy, fiscal responsibility, border security, gun rights, pro-life policies, and religious freedom. While many of these topics are likely to take a back seat to elections policies, her listed policies include:

  • “Securing our Nation’s Borders”;
  • “Building a Better Business Climate”;
  • Protecting gun rights;
  • Protecting religious freedom.

Beyond these listed policies, Bolick has sponsored and co-sponsored a litany of bills throughout this legislative session. Here are some highlights:

  • H.B.2889: Enacts stricter punishments for sex offenders, sex traffickers, and those convicted of commercial sexual exploitation of minors.
  • H.B.2793: “Prohibits a department, division, political subdivision or agency of this state or any person acting on its behalf from registering a person to vote unless that person affirmatively requests to register to vote.”
  • H.B.2569: Mandates that any public body or organization overseeing the administration of elections cannot take any private donations for election administration and voter registration.


Bolick enters a small but growing field of Republicans, including fellow state representative Mark Finchem and state senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita. Both have positioned themselves as champions of “voter integrity.” Ugenti-Rita’s elections bill, which reformed the state’s mail-in voter registration system, was signed into law by Gov. Doug Ducey.

Democrats vying for Secretary of State include former Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes and current State House Minority Leader Reginald Bolding.

Michael O’Connor is the chief political correspondent for the Western Tribune.

Published by Joe Pitts

Joe Pitts is the Editor-In-Chief and co-founder of the Western Tribune.

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