The Western Tribune is an Arizona-based journalistic publication. This institution is dedicated to providing high-quality, well-sourced news and commentary on Arizona current affairs through the lens of good government and free enterprise.

Founded by Arizona college students fed up with the stifling uniformity embodied by the modern media, the Western Tribune endeavors to provide a fundamentally new voice to the conversation. We dare to put a distinct Southwestern perspective front-and-center. We venture to say that journalism isn’t dead, but that it desperately requires real innovation – not just website facelifts, but a dynamic shift. 

Browsing the pages of Arizona papers and Arizona media outlets can often feel like browsing USA Today or the New York Times with slight aesthetic variations. Perhaps that’s because most local papers are no longer “local”. They are often owned by larger conglomerates that stifle regional voices and continue to champion the same old coastal attitudes, which can’t genuinely reflect the cultures and perspectives of the Southwest, nor of most of America. 

We cover politics, policy, current affairs, tech, innovation, and more.

Our values are simple: journalistic integrity, reasoned and well-researched commentary, balanced perspectives, good governance, and free enterprise.

Meet #TeamTribune

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