The Western Tribune is an outlet for independent student journalism that promotes the dissemination of the oft unheard voices of our generation.

Our focus is on giving right-of-center students on campus and beyond the opportunity to express themselves and their opinions on relevant issues so as to raise the level of civil dialogue on our campus, in our community, across our state, and across the southwest.

We promote independent student content that is factually sourced and stimulates discussion, seeking truth among academics, students, faculty, and our broader community.

This serves to inform our readership and interested parties about viewpoints that are not as widely represented among our generation, providing rational commentary on issues which are often popularly portrayed as one-sided.

Joe is a student at Arizona State University’s Barrett, the Honors College pursuing a business major with a minor in Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership as well as Economics. Joe is also the President of College Republicans at ASU. josephdpitts@gmail.com 

Clay is a student at Arizona State University’s Barrett, the Honors College. He is an experienced journalist with a background in independent, student content. Clay is also Vice President of Membership for the College Republicans at ASU. clayrobinsonca@gmail.com

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