Prop 208 and the Future of Education in Arizona

The national media has its eyes on newly designated swing state Arizona as the country heads into the 2020 presidential election cycle. Meanwhile, Arizona educators have their eyes on a different agenda: strengthening public schools and fixing the alleged “education funding crisis”. The #InvestInEd movement was born from the Arizona teacher strike two years agoContinue reading “Prop 208 and the Future of Education in Arizona”

The Warning Signs of Tyranny Are Here

The future of our nation seems gloomy as our markets slide into recession and a pandemic continues to wreck our planet. Unfortunately, if economic insecurity and social unrest persist, the resurrection of twentieth century authoritarianism may be upon us. Lack of information, especially surrounding the understanding of COVID-19, has induced mass panic. Economies have comeContinue reading “The Warning Signs of Tyranny Are Here”