Hong Kong shows us that freedom isn’t inevitable

A quiet, peaceful evening is usually occasion for admiration, or a leisurely walk or bike ride. It can be a sight for sore eyes in the bustling world of 24/7 commerce and social outings. The silence and peace in Hong Kong on the evening of June 4th, 2021, was indeed quiet — but it wasContinue reading “Hong Kong shows us that freedom isn’t inevitable”

Death penalty debate erupts in Arizona

The Arizona Department of Corrections has announced that it will continue executions, despite a nearly seven-year hiatus.  In 2014, the state of Arizona paused all of its executions following the botched lethal injection of Joseph Atwood, who was convicted of double murder. Injected with a combination of midazolam and hydromorphone, witnesses to the execution reported that Atwood livedContinue reading “Death penalty debate erupts in Arizona”

Arizona Republican Legislature and Gov. Doug Ducey pursue income tax reform

As the fifty-fifth Arizona Legislature nears the conclusion of its first regular session, Republican leaders in both the House and the Senate are pursuing momentous personal income tax reform.  Proposition 208, which passed in November of last year, established a personal income tax surcharge for those earning more than $250,000 of taxable income. This newContinue reading “Arizona Republican Legislature and Gov. Doug Ducey pursue income tax reform”

Arizona Governor race heats up as field widens

Over one year before Arizona’s August primary, and even longer before the state’s general election, contenders are lining up to run for the seat incumbent Gov. Doug Ducey is termed out of. The Cook Political Report, a nonpartisan election analysis firm, has rated the 2022 race as a “toss-up” — making Arizona’s gubernatorial race oneContinue reading “Arizona Governor race heats up as field widens”

Mask requirements are rolling back across Arizona 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced last week that they had modified their recommendations for mask-wearing, saying that those who have been fully vaccinated (with two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines; one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine) can “resume activities that you did prior to the pandemic.” This guidance includes aContinue reading “Mask requirements are rolling back across Arizona “

Arizonans to vote on giving Dreamers in-state tuition in 2022 

The Arizona House of Representatives passed SCR 1044 on Monday by a 33 to 27 margin, paving the way for Arizonans to vote on giving DACA program recipients in-state tuition at the state’s public universities. It passed along bipartisan lines, with 5 Republican representatives voting for the measure. It had already passed the Senate 17-13Continue reading “Arizonans to vote on giving Dreamers in-state tuition in 2022 “

Vaccinations are slowing down in Arizona (and across America)

Despite America’s large supply of COVID-19 vaccines, the growth of the share of vaccinated Americans is slowing down. Beginning on April 11th, the daily rate of vaccinations in the United States reversed course from increasing daily to decelerating. As of April 28th, approximately 29.5% of Americans are fully vaccinated: over 95,000,000 Americans have received eitherContinue reading “Vaccinations are slowing down in Arizona (and across America)”

Biden delivers message of optimism, champions Democratic priorities

President Joe Biden delivered his first address to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday, unveiling a sweeping new American vision and painting a portrait of what his presidency means for all Americans. Speaking to a far-from-packed room, President Biden spoke amid the unusual circumstances of the moment: social distancing and mask-donning attendees shed lightContinue reading “Biden delivers message of optimism, champions Democratic priorities”

McCain Institute kicks of 2021 Sedona Forum

The McCain Institute began its 2021 Sedona Forum, a conference comprising leaders in the public and private sectors discussing issues facing Arizona, America, and the world, on Wednesday. Hosted virtually, the conference is available to all without a fee. This year’s forum includes discussions between Cindy McCain, Arizona State University President Michael Crow, Arizona Gov.Continue reading “McCain Institute kicks of 2021 Sedona Forum”