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Arizonans to vote on giving Dreamers in-state tuition in 2022 

The Arizona House of Representatives passed SCR 1044 on Monday by a 33 to 27 margin, paving the way for Arizonans to vote on giving DACA program recipients in-state tuition at the state’s public universities. It passed along bipartisan lines, with 5 Republican representatives voting for the measure. It had already passed the Senate 17-13Continue reading “Arizonans to vote on giving Dreamers in-state tuition in 2022 “

Vaccinations are slowing down in Arizona (and across America)

Despite America’s large supply of COVID-19 vaccines, the growth of the share of vaccinated Americans is slowing down. Beginning on April 11th, the daily rate of vaccinations in the United States reversed course from increasing daily to decelerating. As of April 28th, approximately 29.5% of Americans are fully vaccinated: over 95,000,000 Americans have received eitherContinue reading “Vaccinations are slowing down in Arizona (and across America)”

McCain Institute kicks of 2021 Sedona Forum

The McCain Institute began its 2021 Sedona Forum, a conference comprising leaders in the public and private sectors discussing issues facing Arizona, America, and the world, on Wednesday. Hosted virtually, the conference is available to all without a fee. This year’s forum includes discussions between Cindy McCain, Arizona State University President Michael Crow, Arizona Gov.Continue reading “McCain Institute kicks of 2021 Sedona Forum”


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