Pope Francis’ Fratelli tutti lays out a bold shared vision for American market advocates

In one of his most extensive and defining works as Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis published a Papal Encyclical titled “Fratelli tutti”, or “All brothers”. Outlining a myriad of ills facing our world, the piece hones in on one theme: that the world, while espousing principles of “diversity”, “globalization”, and “openness”, is quickly sinking awayContinue reading “Pope Francis’ Fratelli tutti lays out a bold shared vision for American market advocates”

Post-Trump Conservatism

A few weeks ago, I shared a video and was interviewed about my dissatisfaction with President Donald Trump and the current state of American conservatism. I stand by everything I said in the video and the interview. I also realize that dissatisfaction with something is only one side of the necessary conversation. Equally important isContinue reading “Post-Trump Conservatism”

The Warning Signs of Tyranny Are Here

The future of our nation seems gloomy as our markets slide into recession and a pandemic continues to wreck our planet. Unfortunately, if economic insecurity and social unrest persist, the resurrection of twentieth century authoritarianism may be upon us. Lack of information, especially surrounding the understanding of COVID-19, has induced mass panic. Economies have comeContinue reading “The Warning Signs of Tyranny Are Here”