An Introduction to Cybersecurity

When we think of cybersecurity or information security, what comes to mind? Often people that are not familiar with the industry think of what they have seen in movies and TV shows: a criminal hunched over some code on a computer hacking websites like a ghost. It is not someone that we would be comfortableContinue reading “An Introduction to Cybersecurity”

Prop 208 and the Future of Education in Arizona

The national media has its eyes on newly designated swing state Arizona as the country heads into the 2020 presidential election cycle. Meanwhile, Arizona educators have their eyes on a different agenda: strengthening public schools and fixing the alleged “education funding crisis”. The #InvestInEd movement was born from the Arizona teacher strike two years agoContinue reading “Prop 208 and the Future of Education in Arizona”

Virtual Violence: The Digital Age is Putting Children at Risk

Screams awake you in the dead of night, and cries for help flood the block outside your house. As you get up to investigate what the commotion is outside, that’s when you hear it. The familiar words that you have heard so many times it almost feels like a horrific song you cannot get outContinue reading “Virtual Violence: The Digital Age is Putting Children at Risk”

How Young Voters Can Redefine The Third Rail

For far too long in American politics, the issue of entitlement reform has been considered the third rail, it has been thought of as an issue that can’t be touched, and when it is it comes at a great political cost. When President Bush attempted to reform social security in his second term, within monthsContinue reading “How Young Voters Can Redefine The Third Rail”

Dope and taxes: Two ballot initiatives facing Arizonans in November

Come November, Arizonans will have the opportunity to cast their ballots for a wide variety of local, county, and statewide offices. They will also be able to give Propositions 207 and 208 a simple “Yes” or “No”. Officeholders will have two to four years to prove their worth before facing Arizona voters again. Ballot initiatives,Continue reading “Dope and taxes: Two ballot initiatives facing Arizonans in November”