Francis and Kissinger

An age of information and an era of ignorance Scowled at by some and a confidant to others, Henry Kissinger remains among the most captivating figures of the last one-hundred years. An immigrant, a soldier, a statesman, and a close advisor to some of the world’s greatest leaders, Kissinger has lived a varied life. NearlyContinue reading “Francis and Kissinger”

Sen. Nancy Barto: Read the Bill! Meeting Pro-Abortion Lies about SB1457 with Facts

Imagine opposing a bill that stops a preborn child from being singled out for abortion simply because he or she has (or may have) a disability?  Imagine voting against a bill that stops abortion clinics from giving vulnerable women abortions-by-mail?  How do you spin that? Deception, misdirection, and outright fabrication, that’s how.  Pro-abortion activists –Continue reading “Sen. Nancy Barto: Read the Bill! Meeting Pro-Abortion Lies about SB1457 with Facts”

Biden delivers message of optimism, champions Democratic priorities

President Joe Biden delivered his first address to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday, unveiling a sweeping new American vision and painting a portrait of what his presidency means for all Americans. Speaking to a far-from-packed room, President Biden spoke amid the unusual circumstances of the moment: social distancing and mask-donning attendees shed lightContinue reading “Biden delivers message of optimism, champions Democratic priorities”

Post-Trump Conservatism

A few weeks ago, I shared a video and was interviewed about my dissatisfaction with President Donald Trump and the current state of American conservatism. I stand by everything I said in the video and the interview. I also realize that dissatisfaction with something is only one side of the necessary conversation. Equally important isContinue reading “Post-Trump Conservatism”

The Warning Signs of Tyranny Are Here

The future of our nation seems gloomy as our markets slide into recession and a pandemic continues to wreck our planet. Unfortunately, if economic insecurity and social unrest persist, the resurrection of twentieth century authoritarianism may be upon us. Lack of information, especially surrounding the understanding of COVID-19, has induced mass panic. Economies have comeContinue reading “The Warning Signs of Tyranny Are Here”

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